Cultural activities form an integral component of the extracurricular programme at Helpmekaar Kollege.

Speech Guild (Public Speaking) is certainly an activity from which Helpies do not shy away.  Sir George Jessel is quoted as saying, “The human brain starts working the moment you are born and only stops, during your lifetime, when you stand up to speak in public”.  Not so for the Helpies English Public Speaking teams!

Annually, the internal orators’ evening sees the learners of Helpmekaar competing for a place in the school teams.  From that evening, two teams of four speakers each are selected per Grade to represent the school in the Public Speaking Festival of the Speech and Drama College SA.

This festival runs over a month with events taking place every weekday all over Gauteng.  2017 saw a record number of participants entering with numbers topping 4000 speakers.

Helpmekaar continues to stand out at such events.  Our learners are always complimented on their depth of intellect (evident in the content of their speeches), and their eloquent English speaking ability.  No mean feat for Afrikaans mother tongue teens.

Our speakers have been honoured at the finals and awards evenings of the Public Speaking Festival.  Helpmekaar Open Teams achieve consistently high results in the festival and have been recognised as a top-achieving school.

The school has also been awarded the Allen Miller Trophy which is a Merit Award for Consistent Endeavour.  This is awarded to a school who achieves consistently good results across the grades in the festival and across a number of years.

Helpmekaar speakers are amongst the best orators in Gauteng.


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