Helpmekaar Orchestra

The Helpmekaar Orchestra came into being in 2013 out of a desire of a number of the music students to form an ensemble. With headmaster Klaus König’s blessing, Peter McLea was brought in to lead and train the group. The orchestra has played a variety of music, classical and contemporary, from Bach to Bruno Mars and Tchaikovsky to Timmy Trumpet. The aim is to be both fun and of musical value to the orchestra members as well as entertaining to their audience, fellow students and parents. The instruments making up the orchestra varies from year to year, determined by the talent in the school, and has included violin, cello, flute, clarinet, recorder, sax, trumpet, guitar, ukulele, drumkit , percussion, harp, piano, synthesizer, accordion and voice. The orchestra participates in various festivals each year as well as performing at cultural events at the school.

Members of the orchestra need to be able to read music and to have at least achieved a Grade 3 level on their instrument. Exceptions are made with certain conditions.

For further information contact Peter McLea: peter@mclea.co.za

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